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Why Twitter?

It’s no secret that Twitter is very popular and the second best social networking platform.
Millions of people use twitter every day to share the happenings of their life.

There are around 250 million users on Twitter which post 200 million tweets every day.
Twitter is not just used by the middle class teens but by celebrities, artists,
politicians and other famous people as well.

When you have a business or company, one of the best ways to promote and bring more sales
using twitter is to
 have an active twitter account with a good amount of followers with whom you can share
your company’s daily updates
 and the services you provide. When you have a huge amount of followers, people will consider your company as more trustworthy, professional and popular.

Every link mentioned in tweets and retweets pointing to your website is considered as
quality backlink since Twitter is a  PR10 website which improves your website’s rankings in Google.

Now, you might be thinking there are so many other twitter marketing services then…

Why TwtViral?

Because TwtViral is the best twitter marketing service which provides you an overall solution
for all your
 marketing needs and makes you popular on twitter. Other services forget the basics and
just provide fake followers which don’t retweet or favorite your tweets nor do they leave any comments…

But TwtViral takes care of each and every basic thing which is
required to make you popular on Twitter…..

We provide followers which retweet, favorite and comment on your tweets.
These would also interact with you, post comments related to your tweets and much more..
These would make you look popular Celebrity on Twitter!






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Twitter Marketing But Real Twitter Followers

How do you guys make me look popular on Twitter?

We provide real looking followers and ensure all the tweets posted
by you get lots of retweets, favorites and comments which make you look popular on twitter.
You might also get mentions depending on the package you purchase.

What are the statistics of these users who retweet and favorite my tweets?

All those users who retweet and favorite your tweet will have 100+ followers and lots of tweets.

How is your service different from others?

TwtViral is different from others because it not only just provide you lots of followers
which would make your account look fake but we provide a complete marketing
solution for twitter which would make you popular on Twitter.

How will your service help me in improving my website’s rankings?

Recent Google updates have proved that Google is focusing on social signals and
some SEOMOZ case studies have proven that you can rank a website in the #1 position
in Google only using Twitter retweets.

Do these retweets count as backlink if I include my website’s link?

Yes, they do. And since Google is focusing on social signals more these days,
they are considered really powerful as well.

How does getting more followers and retweets help?

You will rank better in the twitter search results, you will look more popular and legit
to the users who check your profile which will make more real people follow you.

What will happen if I purchase the service for one month?

If you purchase the service for a month, all your followers, retweets and favorites
would stay with you but you won’t get any more followers or retweets
from the next month on your tweets.

Will you send the followers mentioned in the package every month?

Yes, to make you gradually look more and more popular every month,
we will send you 5k or 10k or 15k followers depending on your package every month
with the retweets, favorites and comments.

How many tweets can I post every day, will you retweet them all?

There’s a limit of 3 tweets per day to prevent the spam usage of the service.

When will my tweets get the retweetsfavorites and comments?

It actually depends on when you post your tweet, if you specify a particular timings and let us know,
we will get it retweeted within few minutes every day but if you don’t, you can expect them to be
coming within 3-9 hours(due to the time difference).

Can you add the retweets and favorites instantly?

Yes, we can but this option is exclusively available only if you purchase the Celebrity Plan.

Do I get any bonus?

Yes, you do! We will throw in up some extra followers depending on your package!

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

Yes, we do! If we fail to deliver what we promised, you would get your money back!

Have any more questions?

Feel free to ask them, you can contact us anytime at
or on Skype: online.webmaster 

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